Robotics in the future

Written by   Reshma B

“Robotics and other combinations will make the world pretty fantastic compared with today” - Bill Gates

Robots and robotics are two words which were once an alien to us and now became a part of our life. From space to earth, the footprints of robotics are visible now in all sectors. The increase in advancement in this field has changed the world around us in a short span. In home, for automobile assembly, mining and exploring and there are many more sectors where the fingerprints of this technology can be seen. The scope of robotics in a developing and developed country is really huge as it can increase in production and accuracy of the products.

Now this field is trying to create more robots to look, feel, act and react like a real human. Using electronic skin, it could give robots a sensational feel of touch. A time where rather than robots as a machine it will turn into robots as a friend and even a pet too is not so far. For the better future of robotics, Artificial Intelligence plays an important role in it. For enhancing better robotic performance, efficient codes are to be needed. In the future it is possible to see robots themselves will do most of the coding. The major concern which everyone has is whether robots will steal the job or not. But the fact is humans are still way smarter than robotic brains. It is the creative brains of us that lead to the better robots of tomorrow. The advent of robotics shows the inevitability of acquiring new skills for adapting with the new market trend opening more job opportunities in the market.

The future of robots mainly depends on how we make them, use them and utilize them efficiently. Major change will be that it will boost our standard of living. Automation and mechanization had already changed our lifestyle to a better and different way enabling us to utilize more time efficiently. Similarly as the technology is advancing more, automation naturally will uplift the current standards of our life. Thus robots reaching our home are not far away. Statistics show that if corona had not visited us, the global economy would have increased seven fold resulting in more investments in this field for improving this sector. But in another aspect, corona had also taught us the importance of the need for specialized robots which efficiently work in this pandemic situation. It is because the spread of these types of diseases could be controlled to a greater limit if robots are used.

Thus robotics in future can be seen in various sectors like education, healthcare, public security etc. Understanding the importance of imparting knowledge on robotics, now this has been included from secondary school levels. The need for polished and better brains for future leads to this change. Implementation of educational robotics in the education sector now sees virtual reality learning with personalized training. Easy grading software and real time problem solving assessment will become a new trend. Another major advantage is as a human he/she can work for only a defined time hours but robots are not restrained from working, ie they can work for 24*7 hours which make the work easier. Thus assisting the children and solving their problems will be possible at any time. Robots can even be programmed to suit each individual need. For children with special needs a constant companion will help them mentally too.

In the medical field we can probably see a drastic change by the appearance of robotics. By the introduction of telepresence, physicians can use robots to help them in examining the patients and treating them even in remote areas. Robot assisted surgeries and virtual nursing can lead to the elimination of human errors or treatment delay due to the unavailability of human staff. With the outbreak of dreadful diseases like Corona, Nippah, Ebola etc, the significance of sanitation and disinfectant has increased resulting in more human power for the prescribed area. Here also we can implement robotics.

As the public safety and security become streaming through news channels everyday with a variety of news, the implementation of robotics in this sector in future has great seriousness. Tireless patrol robots and robots for detection of traffic jams and accidents thereby ensuring more road safety and resolving control problems will be seen. Security robots and unmanned systems can not only be implemented in traffic systems but also can help in the military field too. Drones are one such example of a present situation. Progression in this technology can impact in rapid response whenever a crisis is visible. It can be employed in combat support application, for material removal etc.

As the robot revolution is on the way, it will also revolutionize the agriculture industry. According to many researchers and studies it is said that the agricultural robots should have an annual growth rate of 20% until 2022. Automated tractors or robots, feeder robots etc which are visible in limited amounts will be seen in larger numbers in near future. This technology can be implemented in harvesting management, irrigation management, soil management etc. Finding the perfect fertilizer in the correct quantity will be easily determined using the specialised robots for justifying this need. Now looking into the banking sector, robotics can confirm better customer support and enhanced banking service. It can be classified into customer service and banking inside service. By making it more user friendly, robotics can help in banking as a safer and easier mode.

In the construction field, a highly non automated industry requires construction robots which can have a greater impact in production, improving the quality and safety of work. However it can lead to a decrease in human labour in some areas which results in an increase in job loss for unskilled people. Surveillance, surveying and inspection can be easily done by the employment of robotics. Robotic communication is another emerging area where studies are still progressing.

Similarly the presence will be seen in different sectors in near future. In short the effect of Robotics in mankind is going to have a new face. It is used to build a sustainable and environmentally friendly technological world which will be creating a new technological space. To boost productivity and creativity of humans, bring up new changes and solve existing challenges, Robotics can bring a new face to the technological world. For every problem there lies a solution and lets together find them effectively and move along with this new technological era.